Mission & Vision


  • Regular monthly internal lunchtime meetings that consist of a meeting of the executive board (12-12.30h); an interdisciplinary seminar by the host institute (12.30-13h); an informal discussion on one of several topics suggested by members (13-14h). Lunch will be brought to the meeting (or offered by host institute) and online participation will be facilitated to reduce travel times.
  • External talks (4 per year) by experts on relevant topics (e.g. gender paygap; quota in leadership; innovation & diversity; Lean In; meditation; family-worklife balance; unconscious bias; lessons learnt: women in academia; women in industry; Women and Nobel prizes; etc)
  • A yearly activity outside work to foster informal networking


  • VISIBILITY: Enhance visibility of women professors
  • SUPPORT: peer support network, junior women professors (e.g. W1)
  • NETWORK: Boost participation of women professors through i) information sharing, ii) participation in organizational decision making, iii) enhance process understanding, iv) contributions to relevant committees, v) connect with national and international networks
  • GOVERNANCE: Act as a sounding board and voice to women professors at KIT towards governance bodies and assume a diversity advisory function
  • CONTRIBUTE: significant contribution to enhance research excellence and innovation at KIT through gender diversity and transparency
  • Have fun!